Monday, January 21, 2013

Old Chevy Ad

This is an old Chevy ad sent in to our offices this morning from long-time member, Winky Dink Hodges. This  first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post-Millennialist. We never received a copy of the ad because when the magazine found out we were not Post-Millennialists, they cancelled our subscription. Winky, a nice big, fat seven thousand dollar check is on it's way to you. Spend it wisely, old friend.
(enlarge for better detail) 


  1. I guess you were delivering TULIPs.

    BTW, whatever happened to Nigel? He's been hounding you for a long time.

    1. Last I heard, Nigel ship-hiked back to the states.

  2. Hope you have a big steering wheel otherwise the van looks like it's right hand drive.

  3. Eddie, I have always admired your choice in rain gear.

  4. Even if some things didn’t go well, I’m still glad to see this piece of advertisement. It looked like an ordinary street scene during the late 20th century, but is more than that. Of course, it is promoting something. In a very subtle way, it is showing how the Chevy trucks dominated the streets then. Nice! :)


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