Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short Short Story Challenge

Write a very short story (imagine it fitting in the blank rectangle above) about a few last pages ripped out of a book. The chosen author will have full credit given and will receive the Time magazine Man of the Year of 2050 when it's issued. Have fun and keep it Theological (and humorous). I thank thee in advance.


  1. Title:

    "Marge! What happened to my Bible? Now I will never know how this thing ends!" shouted Herb.

    "Now Herb," replied Marge, "just do what any self-respecting Arminian preacher would do when they don't know the answer to something, make one up!"

    "Once again Marge, you are a beacon of light in a dark and dingy room. Now, can you help me get this slipper back on!"

    1. Seems also to be missing Romans 9, Ephesians 1, John 6, John 1:13, and others ........... I can't figure out what these verses have in common. :)

  2. "Mildred! My Bible! What happened to 1 Timothy 2 in my Bible!!!??"

    "No big deal, Honey!" Mildred replied stern in a stern demeanor. "Just play another couple rounds of Chris Tomlin on your Kazoo, crank up the fog machine and the lasers, then give me the sign so I can begin the sermon! Everything will be just fine."


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