Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just for Laughs #245

Be a regular cut-up and supply a funny caption.


  1. Sure Jesus walked on water, but Benny Finney's disciples would point out that it was only a short walk and only on a lake and only the once.

    Then they'd point to Benny who (thanks to the donations of the faithful) was once again flying across the oceans, something he could do not just the once but as many times as he wanted to.

    (Sometimes Benny's disciples would wonder why the Calvinists weren't particularly impressed)

  2. Look Boss, de plane, de plane...

  3. You said you wanted a plane hair-cut. Now you have it.

  4. "There. They finally caught that last Calvinist and are shipping him out. Now we can listen to Max Lucado and nobody will bother us."


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