Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Corky Comic

This time I found the cover myself! So I will award myself $7,000.
It's almost ironic, isn't it, that Corky's face is in the "O" in the title?
Sort of reminds you of things to come, doesn't it?
All right! I'm awarding myself another $7,000 for that observation!


  1. The thing that really puzzled Corky is that he'd always had his friend pegged as a carnal Christian.

  2. Good one, Eddie!

    @Stranger: LOL!

  3. Oh dear! It appears that even Corky had doubts abouts his salvation. Well, he's only human....I think.

  4. Corky stopped wearing suspenders after this.

  5. I don't think you can really say you awarded yourself $7,000 because no money actually changed hands from one person to another. I can help. Send me the $7,000 (and the other $7,000) and I will send it all back to you. Then you can honestly say you were awarded the money.

  6. Crank,

    I think you should award yourself a million dollars (with my help, of course).

  7. But mostly this keylogger is running background?


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