Thursday, October 13, 2011

Atheist Devotional Book #4

The following entry is from page 263:

My husband Link and I had prepared to backpack into the Grand Canyon for a solid year before our trip. But most of that conditioning had been with only partially filled packs and on flatter surfaces than we would encounter on the canyon trails.

On our second day of the real hike, on the Tonto Platform between the Hermit trail and the more primitive trail at Boucher Creek, we were already very tired. A couple of hours of walking didn't quite match up to eight hours a day of hard hiking.

We were plodding along the trail on the Tonto, a little after noon on the second day of the trip, when suddenly a huge brown bear leaped on Link and killed him within seconds.

I yelled at the bear and it came running towards me with an obvious intent on killing me too! I spun around and lit my flame thrower with my cigarette lighter sending a stream of fire into the bears face! The bear let out a howl and ran into the woods still in flames. I tracked the bear down and finished it off with my 45's.

I can remember my husband and I talking about the "survival of the fittest". Now he is an illustration of the losing end of that equation.

I married again a week later to some guy I met in a bar.

Ironic, isn't it? A bear took one a bar I found another. And his name is Davy Crockett, just like the historic figure who killed him a "bar" when he was only three.

We divorced a week and a half later. 

Just like evolutionists and monkeys are one big family, atheists and bears have a lot in common. It's kill or be killed in this bear-eat-man world we live in. 

Kisses and bear hugs to all my readers. 


  1. What a blessing this devotionals have been for me (wiping tear from my eye). Thank you so very much.

  2. Faye, don't forget survival of the fittest doesn't work unless you produce a healthy, fit F2 generation. Just sayin'.

  3. Thank you, Eddie! I needed a laugh -- been too much work and too many funerals, lately.

  4. Just one more small increment in the upward evolution of the brown bear. They will probably be here long after humankind has had it's day. Sorry to have to be the one to burst the bubble of some religionists.

  5. If she keeps it up there will be flame proof brown bears with a taste for atheists.

  6. Seems to me that the bear was doing her husband a favor? maybe he planned it?

  7. You mean the husband planned it, instead of divorce?

  8. The bear was heard giving thanks before leaping onto Link and eating him. For whatever reason, Link replied, "You're Welcome."


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