Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogger Traffic Jam

Start a little traffic and list your blog below. 
My only requirements are that:

(1) you have a Protestant Christian evangelical blog and

(2) you are a follower of Calvinistic Cartoons (which you can join BEFORE you list your own)

So give us a little info on your blog and share your link.

It's a win-win situation I tells ya!


  1. www.settingapartchrist.blogspot.com has become a mix between apologetic material and resouces, for my friends and small group, and a journal as such. I've studied Bible and theology at Multnomah, though I'm thorougly Reformed, and am now taking classes via Whitefield College with a major in Christian Philosophy (i.e., my main courses are taught by the late Greg Bahnsen). Check it out.

  2. http://littlemisswretched.blogspot.com/
    Theological student from Australia.
    (Currently in a Greek class)

  3. http://www.redeemedrambling.blogspot.com/

    A Reformed Baptist perspective on stuff.

  4. I call my blog "Made Alive with Christ" - www.jmdavenport.blogspot.com. My blog is eclectic in that I post about theology, books I've read, family, and whatever else catches my fancy. I'd be honored to have you visit my blog! :)

  5. I was a Jehovah's Witness for 30 years and now serve Christ as Lord. My web site consists of information about the JWs along with other theological writings and audios. It's at www.dispelthedarkness.org

  6. The one thing I want to avoid living in a huge city is traffic; and now, look at me, willingly joining a traffic jam! :)

    My blog is Daily On My Way to Heaven and I write about Theology, family, homeschooling, and a life lived under His Sun and by His grace.

    Thank you, Eddie.


  7. www.whatmegsaid.blogspot.com. My blog is a hodgepodge with theology, TMI, books, complaining, some poetry, and me. I'm Presbyterian (EPC kind) and still a Christian.

  8. Thanks, Eddie!


    Sermon blog with an historic Baptist flavor...

  9. As for the rules, I don't know what it means to "join", but I do follow CC via an RSS reader. I have four blogs to recommend today:

    My personal blog; look for Hoagies & Stogies, where you can download audio of friendly debates of interest to the Calvinist community.

    Confessional Outhouse, the team blog I participate in.

    Daily Confession and Daily Westminster, where you can subscribe to daily confessional readings (with links to scripture-proofs).

    (And while I'm at it, I'll put in a quick plug for what I call the Structured Shorter Catechism)

  10. For once, a traffic jam that I'm cool with... ;)

    I blog at the Ink Slinger:

    I also write movie reviews at Reel Quick:

  11. An Eye for Redemption"
    I daily post a devotional thought focusing on how we might live out the teachings of Jesus. I cam currently blogging through the Gospel of John.

  12. It's so fun when Eddie does this!

    Here's my blog: THE VERTICALL

    I'm an A/G minister who is strangely reformed... Most of what I bang out on the keyboard has to do with theology and family and good books.

  13. Mine is Joel the Immerser...Just click on my profile, it's in there. ;-)

    Unfortunately, it hasn't been kept up, due to physical and spiritual issues...But there's some good stuff there.

  14. http://soladeogloriablog.blogspot.com/ is a blog where I attempt to explain some theology, sometimes giving it sort of a devotional feel. I admit I don't post often, but the posts are good (in my humble totally unbiased opinion). I haven't had comments as of yet, but I will take requests if someone wants me to blog on a particular theological subject. I admit I don't know everything but my theology is Reformed and I hope I can be of some help.

  15. My blog is called Trust AND Obey.


    Biblical discernment is a major theme of the site, as is my recent exit from a UCC church and my search for one that adheres to the Doctrines of Grace. I also enjoy pointing out false teachers and the characteristics of cardboard Christians.

    Exegeting scripture, poetry, videos and music are all fair game as well. I am married and have two lovely daughters and joyfully live a life that is better than I deserve.

  16. Having long enjoyed Eddie's musings and humor, and even having had him grace my blog with a comment or two; I hereby submit my blog address for your perusal.
    Thanks and God Bless.
    Clark D

  17. www.callingmuslims.com
    Well long story short, I was a convert to Islam for 10 years, after much contemplation and encounters with Christians online, God opened my dead heart and allowed me to see the light of the Gospel(this was in early December 2010.) Now I spend my spare time witnessing to Muslims, and I am also a Bible college student.

  18. I started a new blog called "The Reformed Dawg".

    Will have posts on reformed theology, quotes from the reformers, links to other reformed blogs and generally everything reformed.



  19. Theo-Enthumology: Theo-Enthumology is dedicated to reflecting on God and His truth as revealed in the Bible, while also looking at the modern church and how it at times deviates from God's truth. The name of the blog, Theo-Enthumology, comes from two Greek words: Θεος (God) and ενθυμεομαι (to lay to heart, consider well, reflect on), hence the tag-line of the blog title: "Reflecting on my great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ."


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