Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Word Writing Challenge #22

If you don't know what to do...
look at yesterday's post.



    "Cheese-brain!" said the artist to the baker. "I ordered Calvinist Cookies, not Arminian Apple Tarts!"

  2. Once an artist painted a baker, but instead of making bread, the baker made cheese. The artist just could not put in the baker a brain to make bread, so he painted himself into the picture until all that was wrong became right.

    And just like the Four Tops, God comes into our picture to right all our wrongs singing, "I'll be there..."

  3. A Fisher of Men.

    'Man its early' I thought as I turned left on Main. The street was covered with morning dew and nearly void. The shop run by Old Man Parker, the town baker, was the only sign of activity at this hour. Almost a thousand tracts to pass out today and an early start was essential. The downstate festival lineup included several artists and was anticipated a couple thousand attendees, a great potential audience. I pulled into the all night diner just outside of town for a cup of Joe and a bite before my journey.

    Hello, Roxy' I said to the waitress as I entered.
    'My you're in early Hon, what can I githcha'?
    'I'll have the usual. No, make that two and throw on an extra slice of cheese on each. Have a busy day ahead and may miss lunch.’
    Roxy barked the order to the cook and poured the coffee as we made small talk. The order was soon ready and I left quickly.

    On the road I was glad for the second cup of coffee. Usually takes two to get the brain functioning, especially at this hour. The '60 Chevy was purring well in spite of being nine years old. Always seems to run better in cooler temps but this is August in New York and the heat will be rising as midday approaches. I passed the time going over bible verses, rehearsing the gospel message I would be sharing and praying for a good audience. Nearing my destination, my thoughts were interrupted by the AM radio report. Heavy rains predicted in the area for the entire weekend. My heart sank. All this was for nothing? Well, my creed is the Word will not return void so I hope at least a few hundred will show. Somewhat discouraged and weary from the drive, I was quite relieved to see the sign of my destination; 'Town of Woodstock 15 miles'.


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