Thursday, July 14, 2011

Classics #24


  1. I thought his neighbors lived in 616. (I heard James White tell that joke. I still don't really get it).

  2. I've seen that house before, and I know the neighborhood. A lady named Wisdom lives down the block with another lady named Prudence. Their house has SEVEN pillars, if you can imagine that.

    Unusual woman, Miss Wisdom. Seems like she is always crying - in the streets, at the gate, just about everywhere. You would do well to listen to what she says, though. She gives out some pretty good advice.

    There is another woman who lives on the same block. She is clamorous and very foolish, She is simple and knoweth nothing. Avoid her like the plague.


  3. The Finley's live in the Vatican?

  4. I have cats, I am sure Fluffy is just visiting... plotting to take over the world.


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