Friday, July 1, 2011

July 2011 Calendar

Click to see Corky on the web.
These calendars are printable and useful.
And remember...printed calendars were the first "dating service".


  1. Good grief, it's Shelob's Lair all over again.

  2. I see the Arminians have tried to catch Corky with their web of deception again, well, wait till he pulls the pin!

  3. @Corey: Yeah, really. The scene in the book was better than the movie I think though.

  4. @Corey:

    I don't remember the part about Corky in LOTR. Can you refresh my memory?

  5. @Reformed Squirrel

    It is a sequel. Shelob has set Corky up in a sting operation. But this time the tables will be turned and she is in for a big surprise.

  6. @Reformed Squirrel: The "big surprise" which Stranger refers to is that a Romans 9 grenade has a lot more kick to it than a hobbit does. :D

  7. @Corey: Yeah, Corky can just pull the pin and then . . . KAPOW!!!!!

    And if I'm right in my guess that the pin is pulled by that ring hanging near Corky's head, then Corky will be using the power of a ring! :P

  8. "Corky will be using the power of a ring!" :P

    Hmmmmmm. Good thinking, Reformed Squirrel. : )

  9. "Corky will be using the power of a ring!"

    Ha! :)

  10. Corky did have the advantage of Not being weighed down with such a burdensome LOAD during his journey.

    But, thankfully, the whiny Samwise ("Oh, please, please Mister Frodo") Gamgee DID redeem himself at the end of the mission:

    "I can't carry the ring for you, but I CAN carry YOU."


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