Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please Pray for Craig Boyd

Michael Boyd, Craig's son, emailed me yesterday about an accident which left Craig (His blog is Stranger in a Strange Land) with lacerations and a fractured hip. He is undergoing surgery, as of this writing, and will need extensive rehabilitation in the coming months. I will talk with him tomorrow and find out what details I can share. Just know he and his family need plenty of prayer and encouragement. Please take a few minutes to pray and maybe a comment on his blog that will lift his spirit. (The link is above and I have his blog listed on my blog list in the right column.)
Thanks in advance for your intercession on his behalf. He's a great brother.


  1. Will most certainly be praying.

  2. Praying for our dear brother and family.

  3. Praying and thanking God for Craig.

  4. *reposted at "update"

    @ Eddie, Persis, Corey P. , Spherical, Ellery, Jo, Helen, Michael Wright, Joel the Immerser, THEOparadox___and everyone else who has been praying for me. Thank you all so much, I love intercessors.

    As you continue to intercede, please include my wife Sheila, and my son Michael. Both have been a tremendous help to me when I was at hospital and now that I am home.

    As I was lying in bed last night I thought up my next blog post, which I will write when I get back to my Strange Land. (btw, this world appeared to be a REALLY STRANGE LAND when I was emerging from general anesthesia.)

    In Christ's loving care,

    Craig Boyd


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