Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Announcement!

What's the announcement?


  1. Ordered.

    I sure hope that it is convincing enough to get me to abandon my Calvinist beliefs. Then I will fit in better with my colleagues who consider me to be a heretic burning heretic.

  2. I assume that's a pretty short book...

  3. @ Jerry:
    Thanks brother! Calvinists are widely known to be "locked" in their position. This could be a key element in helping many. (notice I said "many" and not "all")

    @ The Blainmonster:
    Short, sweet and demolishing!

  4. Helmets of Salvation on Sale - Two versions one like mine that requires all your effort to obtain or a free one like Eddie wears which you can get for no effort so it must not be worth anything.

  5. Not since the Pep Boys, Manny, Moe, and Jack…

    …has there been such a decision made to incite division and derision…

    …as in the collaboration of Peterson, Eddings, and Cardwell!

    You’ll thrill with the adventures of Satch and Skeeter as they present the finer points of theology to Dave Geisler and Norman Hunt.


    The WORD VERIFICATION for this comment really is disesiv.

  6. RE: Shortness of book. Well, let's just say the original draft used quite a bit less ink than the final. Only because we fleshed out the Calvinist side in the interest of fairness. The Logical Arguments Refuting use the same ink as in the original. We are, if nothing else, attempting to kill as few Black Inks as possible to produce the book.


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