Monday, September 27, 2010

Take Time To Join and List Your Blog

If you ARE a follower
of Calvinistic Cartoons...
then list your blog for everyone to see.
Give everyone a little info and even a link.
If you are NOT a follower
of Calvinistic Cartoons...
then just join now and then list your blog!
It's that simple! Everyone wins!




    The Wisdom Fail Blog is dedicated to equipping the saints to preach a gospel that the world deems foolishness.

    The Monday Prayer Project is a standalone blog (not something I plan on updating) that is there to encourage believers around the world to pray for revival in the global church. Visit, read the story, and pray!

  3. I'm a follower of YOUR blog...and my blog is Arminian Antics!

  4. NO YOUR NOT A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG! YOU ARE NOT LISTED ANYWHERE! I CHECKED...YOU ARE NOT THERE! ...sorry, my caps were stuck. I had to remove your web address, friend. Try being honest next time!

  5. By Grace Alone

    "Random thoughts from a grace saved sinner, small church pastor, and home-school dad."

    A little blog I try to update once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, with at least some semi-useful thoughts.

  6. I follow your blog and recommend it to everyone I can.
    My blog is LET UsRepent and Beleive at
    I also just started up another blogsite called Calvinistic "Quotes" at
    I would love for any and all to come and follow these sights as I endeavor to put up solid Christ centered quotes, material and resources which will glorify the name of our God.

  7. I've been using Calvinistic Cartoons ever since my dear grandmother taught me - and now my whites are whiter and colors are brighter!

    THE VERTICALL is my own little stain on the blogosphere.


    Bible studies, doctrinal musings, end-time and current events...with a woman's touch

  9. Bible Study, Opinion, and Humor are found at

  10. While I am not Calvinist - some might not even consider me Christian - I enjoy getting the laughs from this blog (I use Google Reader primarily).

    Anyway, folks wanting to sharpen their Calvinist skills against Catholicism should check out my blog:

  11. I've been a follower of Calvinistic Cartoons even longer than Benny Finney, if you can believe it.

    You can find me at The Contemporary Calvinist, featuring "This Week in Calvinism" updates every Friday.

    Keep up the great work, Eddie!

  12. My blog is, strangely enough, named: Stranger in a Strange Land, and is mainly about Christ and the gospel of salvation. But, I sometimes post some other interesting and fun items as well.

    My url is a long one, but here is an easy-to-remember shortcut:


    Gospel-driven Disciples is dedicated:

    To expose my readers to a variety of spiritually beneficial topics, books, articles, and thought

    To edify or build up my readers in the faith once for all time delivered to the saints

    To exalt the glorious character of our Lord Jesus Christ

    To expand a passion for the supremacy of God in all things

    "Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me." (Colossians 1:28-29, ESV)

    Thanks Eddie Eddings!

  14. Thanks Eddie for the opportunity to share. Here are the blogs that I am associated with:
    A place where I share my intuitions on life, faith, politics, entertainment, trivia and whatever else is percolating in my heart and head.

    An Eye for Redemption
    A place where I share my thoughts about faith, pain and redemption. Really, apart from faith there is little redemption in pain.

    Daily Prayer
    A group blog where each day one of 6 Christian bloggers purpose to share a thought, offer up a prayer and give readers a chance to pray with us, offer comments and submit prayer requests.

  15. www.reformationanglicanism.blogspotcom.

    We are in the J.C. Ryle tradition of evangelical Anglicans. Are are Reformed, classical, creedal, confessional, biblica Prayer Book Churchmen.

    We post articles, blogs, and book reviews...occasionally news.

  16. I blog about being a Refomed woman; I love Theology, my husband, my children, daily life...!

    and if you speak Spanish, follow me here:

    Thank you!

  17. The Upturned Microscope:

    Bible studies, theology, apologetics on Science and Religion

  18. Love your site and your work. Waiting 'til my beloved says that I can buy your book.

  19. Blast these silly comment boxes for not allowing html... Okay, here's my site...


    Thoughts on Apologetics and Theology deal with Christian apologetics issues, including the theistic basis of morals, impact of religious views on society and politics, Christianity vs. other religions, etc. I also deal with theology from a Reformed perspective.


    The Word Street Journal is a pro-evangelism blog geared to encourage Christians who share their faith on a regular basis and to motivate those who don't.

    We take our job very seriously and, therefore, we never read Calvinistic Cartoons. What's with that guy dressed up in a moon suit anyway?

  22. My blog is Five Pint Lutheran

    Enjoy this blog very much. Great to see a Calvinist with a sense of humour.

    God's peace. †

  23. My blogs are Mike Erich - The Mad Theologian

    and Meditations of a Charismatic Calvinist - Who Does Not Speak In Tongues

    Both radical blogs by a mad theologian.

  24. Wow! I only wish I got this many comments on other posts. Thanks everyone! As you can see, CC followers vary quite a bit. We have Calvinists (naturally -- wait, make that supernaturally), we've got Lutherans, Angelicans, Arminians, Catholics and even a pastor from Arlington, Texas! (That was near my stomping grounds in the States, McKinney, Texas)
    I hope all of you receive many "hits" because of your posting. (I mean that in the "blogging" sense...which is a good thing)
    Make it a point to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ today! Start off with praise, prayer and practice.
    Keep blogging and keep coming back!
    We'll have to do this again in six months or so.



    you won't find a more social site around.

    and for those who don't understand, my surname is literally Flower.

  27. Love this idea Eddie! I joined in today and asked folks to list their blogs at my place too!


    Entitled "Eventually Updated" it is just that. I've posted the entirety of Foxe's Book of the Martyrs (though only chapters 5-22 survive on the site), a walk through Romans, and a variety of other items as I am prompted.

  29. Eddie, it would probably be a good idea to revise your sidebar, for a few reasons. Firstly, scrolling down to the last comment (if there are many comments) is quite tricky, since the page is so long. in other words, scrolling to the bottom of the page does not mean you're scrolling to the bottom of the post; also, it takes the page much longer to load too.
    just a thought...

  30. What should go? The sidebar "labels" section? Any opinions would be helpful. Does anyone else have difficulty with loading CC pages? Help me, Augie Ben Doggie!

  31. I have a blog of theological thoughts and sermons notes from various Reformed Baptists sermons, at the Musing of Ludosomnus. I'd appreciate a link, and I do have you listed as one I follow, cuz' you're hilarious!

  32. yeah i think the labels take up a lot of estate. perhaps there's a better way to present it to people? sorry eddie, don't wanna climb into yer character; only yer labels.

  33. looking at it, even the "my blog list" takes up a lot of space.

  34. Rob, I can't add blogs to "My Blog List" for some reason. It has been that way ever since I arrived in Kuwait. A lot of things are blocked here and I have trouble with Skype. I added everything when I was in the States this summer. Next time I am back in the U.S. I will add more. Thanks for the compliment.

  35. Jansie, I will delete the labels but I can't bring myself to delete any on "My Blog List". Thanks for your help.

  36. my brother, tis your blog. do with it as thee please, but always remember the second commandment ;-)

  37. Thanks for the opportunity to share our blogs and friends.

    I have two blogs:

    Brushstrokes from the Heart shares my way of life, as retired Pastor's wife, lover of family and art.

    My Art Blog....where several artists share Art Challenges can be found at

    Thanks again!

  38. Senior Eddie,

    Wood ju min spainin' to me how ju come up wit all deez tings?

    i can't keep up wit posting dem to a UTube commercial so peeplz can...

    buy dee book.

    muchas gracias y via con dios, mi amigo.

  39. Eddie:

    Re: Hits. I've taken all that I can and I can't stands no reference Popeye T. Sailorman.

    Good thing, as well, that my blog doesn't get nearly the hittage your does. I wouldn't want any more little silicones and flash files to have to die to be reflected on my WordPress blog stats than are absolutely necessary.

  40. I follow the blog and run a blog of my own:

    The blog has bi-weekly posts on biblical, godly manhood and theological musings. Plus, as a bonus, there are book and film reviews every now and then too.

    I see I'm at the bottom of the comment list, but hey, come by and check it out and drop a comment too.


    A Mop-Top's Musings...

    Where I post evangelical, conservative, university-student-ish thoughts on theology, politics, life in general, etc. etc. etc.

    Currently, I am involved in a debate with a Catholic dude over the doctrine of justification by faith. Good times, good times.

  42. Sorry I'm a little slow on the uptake here - I've been in your international neighborhood working with a church or few there. My blog:

    Timeless Faith

    It's about anything I feel like writing about - mostly stuff I think about regarding our life in Christ. But as Christians we should understand that theological truth is more than simply information. Truth is life and there should be no distinction for us between what is true about God and how we go about the task of living - not that there are always particular behavioral rules to follow, but that we are motivated by a desire for God given to us by the Holy Spirit and made effective by the work of Christ.

    On the other hand, I haven't had time to post much lately because I've been caught up in wonderful projects like the one I just got back from that I also can't be very revealing about. suffice it to say that God is doing some amazing things around the world and I get to catch a glimpse of them from time to time.


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