Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spurgeon Quote


  1. Yes the “synergy” of Salvation; man freely chooses and God calls. As Spurgeon states it, I have found that many choke on the second truth because they misunderstand the first. They get the cart before the horse so to speak. “Anyone” is misinterpreted without any qualification, and it is the lack of qualification that gives birth to error.

    Indeed salvation is free to “anyone who will have it” yet not everyone will have it because not everyone wants it. In fact left to our own desires no one wants it. It is this gap between what we naturally want and what we actually need that is bridged by God in Christ, for God in His mercy and grace makes us conscience and alive to our condition. Once awakened we of our own free will choose to follow Christ. Without this awakening, we are content to slide in to eternal wrath. These two great truths cannot be fully reconciled but it is a matter of cause and effect. The horse pulls the cart not the cart pushing the horse.

  2. "Synergy" of salvation? Poor choice of word. I don't think Spurgeon believed in synergism. He said:

    When you say, "Can God make me become a Christian?" I tell you yes, for herein rests the power of the gospel. It does not ask your consent; but it gets it. It does not say, "Will you have it?" but it makes you willing in the day of God’s power….The gospel wants not your consent, it gets it. It knocks the enmity out of your heart. You say, I do not want to be saved; Christ says you shall be. He makes our will turn round, and then you cry, "Lord save, or I perish!"

    I don't see a "free" will in that statement.

  3. @Chris...A closer reading seems to be in order; that's why it's in quotes.

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