Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trouble at HQ

Be sure to read the comments for...
the REST of the story.


  1. I sure hope that Corky doesn't blowup when he hears how Lou was treated.

  2. Having found that Eddie was not in the building, the atheist thugs stapled a list of 95 Insults to his office door, and left.

  3. Mike, Stranger, thanks for the laughs. Here is, the REST of the story.
    After the two thugs finished stapling the list of insults, they walked out the door and were hit by a derailed train. The closest railroad tracks are twenty miles away, so the train had to travel a great distance before the accident.
    Felix Molina, the engineer, told reporters he must have fallen asleep at the wheel while listening to Asleep at the Wheel.

  4. Mike, Stranger, and Eddie:

    I cannot compete with what you guys have goning on but there is a wierd connection between my experience and yours... I have almost gone to sleep while driving on Interstate 95 and listening to Asleep at the Wheel! Strange, huh?

    Does this mean the rapture may happen soon? Jack Van Impe said YES...

  5. Caption:

    Who a Calvinist? Yes, he is and a fine one. Who? That's right. Who? That's right. WHO's A CALVINIST?
    Yes, he is and a fine one at that... and so it goes...

  6. Lou's a Calvinist!
    Lose a Calvinist? I don't even HAVE ONE!
    No...Lou's a Calvinist!
    Ya gotta HAVE one to LOSE one!
    No. I mean Lou! Lou!
    LULU? Isn't she an Arminian?

  7. No! No! No! What he is saying is loose a Calvinist. Apparently, someone has kidnapped a Calvinist!

  8. Thank you all for helping relieve the tension of the day. The laughs are always helpful. Our family is a big fan of the Who's on First deal, so that was great. Keep it up.


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