Thursday, September 30, 2010

Need More Time

This is not an original idea. 
I saw this on a t-shirt in Dubai. I just improved it.


  1. This is eerily close to the exact scenario which caused me to shutdown my FaceBook account. Spooky.

  2. Mike, you shut down your Facebook account? I did that just a week ago too. didn't shut it down though. can't, since i'm admin of a few groups for other people. but i removed all my friends and removed the ability to add me as a friend.
    it's been interfering with what's important.
    it was liberating, and i can highly recommend it.
    killed my twitter too.

  3. Yeah, I shut my twitter down as well. I even made an attempt to shut down my other web site
    but Eddie helped me change my mind on that.

  4. Mike, kudos man. i was challenged about these things. in my case, they were wasting my time. bottom line. no matter how i argued the case for keeping them, it just couldn't be justified. i'm not saying both of those services don't have a place, but not for me, not now.
    if you have a goal, then whatever is not helping you towards that goal, is in the way.

  5. It's not my fault there are so many wrong people out there who need to be corrected, right? It's a burden some of us must bear.

    But it doesn't have to be time consuming. It's like I tell my wife, "If we would just start every conversation with the assumption that I'm right, we'd save a lot of time."

    I know, it didn't go over well with her either!

  6. Yesterday, when my wife saw this post, she just said, "Ha!", pointed at the image and said, "Craig."


  7. @ Mike and Jansie

    Now you have more time to think up clever captions for CC. You'll be glad you did : ) (So will we.)


  8. Craig,

    i'm just not good enough at it. i've tried, but eddie's just in another league.

    eddie moaned about not receiving comments over on challies' blog. i know one of the reasons. and i'm serious about this. words fail in the presence of a master. that's exactly what it is. i love receiving my calvinistic cartoons email, but it's often so ingenious that it leaves me speechless.

  9. @Jansie,

    When I discovered CC last year, I was awed by the cleverness of some of the commenters including Mike here.

    I think one reason that I "connect" with Eddie is that we are close to the same age. There is something about being a kid in the '50s and a high-schooler in the '60s that does something to your brain.

    I think that everyone who appreciates humor must have a "funny bone" themselves. It is just a matter of letting it be expressed through one's own unique personality.

    Of course, stealing funny material from others works, too. ; )


  10. craig,

    it's difficult to fit into the mould you guys create though. and that's cool. i suppose that's why i love the comedy. i can relate to it, but also not.
    it's like a mixture of british comedy and american comedy. brimerican, or ameritish comedy.

    and "haha!" for the stealing content comment!



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