Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fan Photo from Rita Story

Dear Eddie and Corky,
   I found this old Polaroid photograph in an old trunk that belonged to my dad. There was a note taped to the back that read, "Went to a press conference today and met a young man named Corky Velveeta. We talked for less than twenty minutes, but he really got me thinking about God and the Bible. He gave me a book by A. W. Pink on the Sovereignty of God. I started reading it when I got home. I can't put it down. It is changing my perspective on everything!"
     Rita Story


  1. Corky gets around, that's for sure...And he is round! Or oval...Or something...

    P.S. - Is her name pronounced "Ree-tuh" or "Rye-tuh"?

  2. From the month and year I was born.


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