Friday, November 28, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #67

Use the 4 words to create a Pulitzer Prize winning short story.


  1. The Case of Tesla's Missing Chain - Part One

    "Gentlemen, I have terrible news," a familiar voice declares over the small communicator's hidden in the ears of my colleague, Doctor Thomas Watkins, and myself.

    "Yo," I greet, swallowing a bite of sesame chicken from the local Chinese place.

    "Reporting in," my friend adds, sipping some tea from Northern Ireland.

    "Excellent. Sherwood, Tom, I have much need of your services. One of my chains is missing."

    "What chain might that be?" I inquire, patting sauce off of my mouth with a napkin.

    "One of my Scripture chains. I've been working closely on a TULIP chain with several of our common colleagues. I fear that it's been stolen despite our best efforts at security."

    Watkins and I shoot a look at each other. "Any chance of an inside job?" I continue, bringing another piece of chicken to my mouth.

    "Absolutely. I have had to hire a few new men to help around the lab, but all are closely watched, and seem trustworthy."

    "Well, Homes, I think that we know what to do," Watkins declares, clearing his throat. "We'll be right there, Nikola, as soon as we finish our meal."

    "Quite right," I concur with a smile, blazing through what I have left like a tornado. "A little prayer, a little sleuthing, a little good food, and we'll get this done. Elementary."

    "I can expect both of you in the transporter room within the hour?" our comrade questions excitedly.

    "Absolutely," we chorus.

    "Fantastic. Godspeed, my friend."

    "Godspeed," Tom responds, rising from the table.

    "Godspeed," I whisper, ecstatic. A good case is just what this week needs.


    "He talks too much about sin and other icky things like that," Doctor Eddy Son mumbles as he flips through the digital scan of Tesla's work. "You have done well in bringing this to me, Mister Alva."

    "Thomas is fine, sir," the timid worker squeaks.

    "I will call you what I like, because I hired you. Now, run along. I wish to destroy this, as well as other projects by my archnemesis, but it is not yet time."

    "Yes, sir. I'll do my best."

    Doctor Son smiles. "Yes, you will."


    "Good to see you both," Tesla greets as we appear in the teleportation section of his massive home. "I slapped together a few files on my new hires. I believe that they are our most likely lead."

    "Excellent thinking," I compliment, taking a couple of folders, Watkins doing the same. "Hmm, I'm not feeling much from these chaps. Watkins?"

    "Some of this is looking all too familiar," my companion answers slowly, staring at one file. "His mannerisms, his interests...Even his height and build."

    Reading over them, I nod. "It does look a tad familiar. Tesla?"

    "I've had a few misgivings about him. I saw him recoil in horror as I accidentally stumbled across him reading a blog on lunch break...Sola Bootstrapa? I read a little of it later, and the place looks like a real zoo."

    "We've got a lead," I state with cold certainty. "Tesla, get Velveeta and Eddings on the line, please. I think we've found our man."

  2. It's currently in post-production. ;-)


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