Friday, November 28, 2014

FREE! Get a Load of the Authors!

Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Articles in this edition of the FGB include:
The Most Remarkable Event, by Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952): 
the death of Jesus Christ is unique in every aspect, from its eternal plan to its historical fulfillment. It successfully accomplished eternal life for all of God's people.
The Eternal Council of God, by John Gill (1697-1771):
Before the world began, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit purposed an infinitely wise way to save sinners. We cannot properly understand Christ's saving work apart from it.
The Intent of Christ’s Death, by John Owen (1616-1683):
a helpful explanation of what God planned and accomplished in the death of Jesus Christ. This gives us clear insight into Christ's successful sacrifice for sinners.
Our Need for Atonement, by J. C. Ryle (1816-1900):
a penetrating examination of why men cannot save themselves and why they desperately need Christ.
The Nature of Christ’s Death, by William S. Plumer (1802-1880):
this exposition describes the nature and intent of Christ's death by defining and discussing the biblical terms ransom, substitution, propitiation, surety, and reconciliation.
Christ’s Priestly Action, by Hugh Martin (1822-1885):
was Christ's death merely a passive acceptance of God's wrath or was it a powerful priestly action of sacrifice? This insightful investigation powerfully answers that question.
Christ’s Propitiation, by John Murray (1898-1975):
a concise and clear study that helps us understand the difference between propitiation and expiation.

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  1. A person would have to be crazy or an Arminian to pass this deal up.


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