Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #66

Use the words above to create a humorous short story.


  1. Televangelist Billy Ron Halo set up his tent revival right outside of Keychain, Nebraska. The very first time he came out to preach, he had a frog in his throat. He had been eating frog legs just minutes before and one got lodged in his pharynx. He was taken to the hospital. Someone sang a song. Then they took up an offering.

  2. I will take part in this as soon as I can, but first I must engage in fixing a frog keychain, building a tent, and executing some HALO jumps.

  3. The Day That Corky Passed

    "Why the long face, RebornMan?" my interpid sidekick, TwiceBornDude, inquires as I walk into our cavernous living room.

    "I just got a call from Eddie Eddings, TBD," I reply, tears forming. "Corky has passed."

    "Jumping ninja frog out of Egypt!" TwiceBornDude cries. "It can't be! Life without Corky is worse than camping with a soggy tent!"

    "Yes," I sigh. "It's now our turn to practice HALO jumps with a TULIP keychain ornament."

    "Wha...?" coughs my friend.

    "Corky and Eddie were the last holders of the TULIP keychain. They have now passed it onto us. I was so happy that I just burst into tears! We've been needing to improve our HALO form, anyway..."

    "You cats are insane," TBD chuckles. "But I can't imagine life without ya."

    I smile, thinking of our two Calvinistic, comedic buddies. "Amen to that, my friend. Thank God that you don't have to."

  4. Apologies for the wait. Been feeling terrible. Prayers appreciated.

  5. Will pray, brother. I can always depend on you to engage in these mental exercises. Get well soon.


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