Sunday, December 18, 2011

For Our Reading Pleasure

Here is your opportunity to share a post from another blog. Any post that has interested or encouraged you would be of interest to others. Please link as many as you like. We all need a good read and now is the time for sharing.


  1. Not exactly a "read," but here is a post that I throughly enjoyed listening to. It was posted on D. Philip Veitch's blog, Reformed Anglicanism during ADVENT, a year ago.

    Take the time to listen to this beautiful collection of songs honoring Christ, our LORD.

    Advent and Christmas Carols and Music

  2. I think I see Corky. Unless I'm seeing things.

  3. Corky is there. He is one of 4 "Easter Eggs".

  4. I see Corky and Cotton Adams: The Journey Ends.

    Any hints about the other two??

  5. Family Photo on the wall next to window and floating in front of the Titanic!

  6. Is that Dick Nixon telling the truth about Arminians in the FBI?

  7. From Dan Phillips' blog, Biblical Christianity. Dan tells the story behind the beutiful Christmas song, O Holy Night.

    The post includes the words of the song in it's original French, translated into English by Dan's daughter, Rachael.

    Here is the post.


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