Thursday, December 8, 2011


Corky opened his new Bar-B-Q restaurant today.
The first 100 customers were chosen to get their meal free!


  1. Corky's Christmas Turkey's and Hams are the Bomb!

    The just explode with Gracious flavor!

  2. The first 100 were chosen to get their meal free, but it was only after they made the decision to visit.

    You see: God is like a BBQ restaurant...

  3. The word from my mean sources on the streets is that Babs Gouda absolutely LOVES Bar-B-Que.

    Her intentions, however, are unknown. Some believe that she has already stolen Corky's secret BBQ Sauce recipe, and plans to open her own place across the street.

    Others speculate that Corky's new enterprise has captured her affections, and that she may end up "doing a Spanky Mozzerella," and defect to our side.

    We will just have to wait and see.

  4. John, I forgot to add that the first 100 were there by special invitation only...and they were all related members of his family.

  5. Well, I can't believe in a Corky that would only give his 100 relatives a free meal and not give everyone food for free. That kind of Corky is some kind of monster. What about all those people in Africa who haven't heard about Corky's free meals and haven't had a chance to come and get one?

    I choose to believe in a Corky who gives free food to everyone. If they can't come then that's their choice. I don't care what Romans 9... er... Eddie says.

  6. @Jim Pemberton

    That was great : ) Loved it.


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