Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just for Laughs! #18

Supply a funny caption as to why these people are crowding the streets.
You should know, you are in the distance reading Spurgeon.


  1. Reporter: Thats right Jim. People are turning out by the thousands in order to get their hands on a first run copy of the first ever "dream team" colaberatinve effort by Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Dr. Bruce Wilkenson, Robert Schuller, John Eldredge, Rob Bell and Brian McLaren.

    Anchorman: What is the title of the book?

    Reporter: Whats that Jim? I'm sorry I didn't catch that last question. These people are absolutely out of their ever lovin' minds with excitement about the prospect of having their ears itched by these masters of heresy.

    Anchorman: Do you know what the book is about?

    Reporter: I don't have the slightest clue what this book is about. And thats really saying something Jim considering the fact that I have read it from cover to cover twice!

    Anchorman: Wow.

    Reporter: Believe me, "Wow" doesn't even begin to cover it Jim. To be sure this is with out a doubt the most convoluted collection of half truths and out and out misrepresentations of the word of God that I have ever had the misfortune to have ever laid eyes my upon.
    May its memory be stamped out of my mind forever.

    Anchorman: What kind of feedback are you getting from the Crowd?

    Reporter: Well, thats just it Jim, they...they're...
    Well, let me just show you. I will pick someone at random and ask them what they think about this book.

    Reporter: Excuse me sir, could you please explain to our viewing audience just exactly what it is about this particular book that Has you so excited?

    Random guy: Absolutely! But first I would like to give a serious shout out to my Life Coach pastor Rod Blahblah. I LOVE YOU MAN! Poker and beer at my house after the conversation on Wednesday!! Seriously, he is the best buddy a congregation could have.

    Anyway, to be honest with you man, I have no idea what this book is about. But I do know it is going to change my life! WOOOOO!!! YEAH!!! You know, its kinda like I heard someone else say, "It is as though we have heaped together for ourselves teachers for our itching ears"

    Reporter: Okay. First off, that was me who said that and secondly, I didn't mean as a ... oh, never mind.
    Back to you Jim.

  2. The latest Barna survey shows that 999 out of 1,000 people find Spurgeon interesting.

    (The guy yawning caught my attention right away.)

  3. After losing his Grandpa Waldo at the Million Calvinist March, Martin Handford found the inspiration for a new children's book.

  4. Reporter: well, here I am in Kuwait, getting ready for the hugest Surprise Appreciation party I have ever seen. That's right, folks! Right here, to show our love for Eddie Eddings and Calvinistic Cartoons!


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