Friday, December 19, 2008

Trivia Time part 7

It was neither Shemp, nor Curly, that was the original member of The Three Stooges - - - In a rare 1929 film, Ted Healey's original Three Stooges were Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Norman Vincent Peale.

Masi Oka, ("Hiro Nakamura" from Heroes) was born with three arms. The special effects man, Klaatu Waterhoser, has to "screen out" the extra arm for the TV series. Masi has never gone to a Benny Hinn Tent Revival and Healing Kneeling Meeting, nor does he ever plan to.

It has already been stated that our shortest fan at Calvinistic Cartoons is Todd Wilkins at 3 feet, 11 inches. But did you know, the tallest Calvinistic Cartoons member is Vern Dailey, who measures in at a whopping 9 feet, 3.5 inches?

Mensa member, Marilyn Hickey, of television fame, helped to invent the RQ-1 Predator, a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle system.

Enya the Irish singer and songwriter, who is Ireland's best-selling solo artist and is officially the country's second biggest musical export (second only to U2) was married to Edward Bullion Montgomery Face yesterday in a beautiful ceremony atop the slanted roof of the Crystal Cathedral. She will now be known as Enya Face.

Scientists used to believe that no two snowflakes were they have discovered a treasure chest in Greenland that was full of identical snowflakes. Unfortunately, the snowflakes melted when taken into the'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Is there any truth in the rumour that when Whoopi Goldberg married the late British horror movie actor Peter Cushing she decided to keep her maiden name?

  2. Ha Ha! That's great! Wish I had thought of it!

  3. Hi Eddie

    I liked your Enya Face joke!

    My Whoopi Goldberg joke was not my own. I'm a Brit and I wasn't sure whether you would have heard of Peter Cushing over there in your country. A similar joke from this side of the pond concerns a British singer/trumpeter called Roy Castle (also a Christian incidentally). There was a rumour going round here that he secretly adopted the R&B singer Beyonce Knowles but she decided to keep her own surname!

  4. Good humor...or should I say "humour". And yes, I have heard of Peter Cushing! All those old horror movies and his role in the Star Wars saga! It's great to have you on this blog site!


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