Monday, December 29, 2008

The Journal of Cotton Adams #3

June 16th, 1737
Quite worn from a most exhausting day of preaching, I felt the need to retire for the evening. Mrs. Plodmullet placed her hand on her husband's arm.
"Sir," she said reverently, "you may take your nights rest in the master bedroom."
"No need, my dear madam. A cot or hammock will suffice, I assure you." I protested in a most reformed manner.

"Oh, no...we insist. Besides, my husband and I have been sleeping on our roof as they did in Biblical times."
"But, your roof is diagonal. The roofs in the Holy Land were flat!" I asserted with all the Calvinistic plumb I could manage.
"That explains why we keep waking up in the bushes."
My cognitive powers ushered in the fact that they both had a few buttons missing.


  1. The male and female used to sleep on an airbed with Alpine pretensions: they had to ascend with climbing gear, secure their hammocks to the steep sides of the airbed, and rappel safely down in the morning.
    Too bad these good people didn't have a spare airbed for unexpected guests. But I suppose they thought airbeds were unbiblical since the only biblical character to sleep on one was Sisera. And Jael was disgusted to find it always leaked air after he used it.

  2. Your wisdom continues to astound me.
    You spiked that one real good!


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