Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do You Think This Would Sell?

Photos throughout of Miley/Hannah in various Biblical costumes as she tours the Holy Land! This will be the first Bible to be updated each year with new photos and study notes. In the first edition there is a pictorial, and a song, on the "Teen Commandments". This is also the first Bible where no one is over eighteen years old. The publishers felt this would be more relevant to today's teen.


  1. When my wife first saw this she thought it was real.(her first trip to your site) Good job!

  2. Given the myriad of fanciful Bible translations/packages coming out nowadays, it won't surprise me one bit if this becomes reality one day...

    We know who to blame then! :P

  3. With Miley's recent statements, I'm sure some emergent is going to print her study bible soon. As for me, I'm gonna run off screaming for now, thanks.

  4. There are some things I just wish I could un-see.


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