Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JOIN NOW and keep me out of the ER

Last night I had a dream that I was dreaming about a vision of an Old Testament prophet that didn't make it into the Book. He was the prophet, Baklava Koos Koos, and he showed me a sign. It looked a lot like a "Yield Right of Way" sign but, it had written on it: "30 members by the end of December or UR in ER." Then he hit me on the head with a polo mallet and I awoke in a cold sweat!
I took this to mean that if I do not have 30 followers by the end of the year, I will somehow end up in the Emergency Room at Presbyterian Hospital.
I realize I had eaten some spicy chicken wings, a large pepperoni pizza, popcorn and a bowl of banana puddin' but, this dream haunts me even now...a mere five minutes later. So I decided to post this plea. If my dream goal of at least 30 doesn't happen...I will be writing this, as of January 1st, from the Medical Center in McKinney, Texas.
Of course, there might be a different "interpretation". If anyone can think of one, let me know so I can get some sleep tonight! I thank thee.


  1. I would go for a more literal interpretive hermeneutic. Russia is ER and Putin is UR; the antichrist plays polo; and the rapture of '30 members' will take place at the end of December.

    Once the female mistook a mormon prophet for leftover quiche and microwaved him. That almost ushered in the apocalypse, but it looks like your chicken wings/pepperoni pizza/popcorn/banana pudding combo will have that privilege.

    Pleasant dreams.

  2. I am in awe of the revelatory content of your hermeneutical Bible method and your application of exegetical understanding to the dream genre. Over-analysis is just not in your vocabulary! I have to say...the psychological impact your evaluation has made in my life has caused me to renew my subscription to Moody Monthly and to cancel Reader's Digest! Now I can nod off while watching television again...and feel safe! Thanks mighty exegete!

  3. It could be a plea for attention. It worked. I am here to help you stay out of the ER. People die in there you know.

  4. Oh and may I have my toaster now?

  5. Sure...if you really want him. He is a member of Toastmasters and travels around the country giving little speeches. His name is Grady "Manatee" McMillan and he will move in with you whenever I give him the go ahead. He will talk your ears off. And he plays the tuba.

  6. I only joined because I'm a follower of Baklava Koos Koos, I don't care if you go the hospital, actually it would probably do you some good!

    (pay no attention to the stinging sarcasm)

  7. Scratch the free toaster. I already have two children who make more than enough noise. Please post which hospital you are going to be admitted to and I will bring my children to console you. Happy New Years.

  8. ...maybe if 5 more join my Facets of Grace blog I'll get a reprieve.

  9. OHH one more person Mr Eddings! If I could join twice I would!
    Good luck with your plight!!
    Soli Deo Gloria


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