Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cotton Adams Journal beginning soon

Stay tuned for further developments in this new series. This was a great surprise to me. With it comes great responsibility to post his writings. My great-great-great-(etc.) grandfather, T. Bone Eddings, had buried a time capsule, in the form of a metal box, on his farm in West Virginia, where Cotton Adams passed away. Cotton gave T. Bone his journal and asked him to bury it by the tree shaped like George Whitefield's left arm. I was given the box, containing his journal, on the anniversary of my appendectomy. I hope to share some of the entries with those who care...and those who don't.


  1. George Whitefield once appeared to the female in a pan of smoking oil. At first, she mistook him for Elvis, but then she realized who he was. She wasn't sure what he wanted -- she's fairly dense -- and after a few rounds of charades in which the female consistently got confused on the second word he went away.

    I hope that's relevant.

  2. Not to worry, it is about as relevant as Torre Latinoamericana, in Mexico City!


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