Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Create a Calvinistic Cartoon Caption #1

The winner is Doug P. Baker!
Thanks everyone for the wonderfully funny captions!
It was great fun and I will post another soon.
Doug...for your have won the Triangulum Galaxy! That's right!
An entire galaxy just for a caption that made me laugh out loud
in the Sacred Sandwich Coffee Shop and Feed Store.

(Don't worry, I photoshopped this)
You have 7 days (not the "perfect number" but, the "number of perfection" in the Bible) to think up a caption. Then, I shall edit the photo to include the humor and give full credit to the winner. Please don't force me to have to write a caption myself. I've got writer's block.

NOTICE: Because of Thanksgiving vacation I am adding 5 days (the number of "grace" in the Bible) to the previously mentioned 7 days which equals 12 days (the number of "Divine government"). Then I am subtracting 6 days (the number of "man") and tacking on an additional 4 days (the number of "creation") which sums up to 10 days (the number of "law").
That means that on Friday, December 5th, you will need to check back for the results.


  1. Mandible, the shark, had prayed for a salmon. But God, in his providence, had supplied beyond all he could ask or think!

  2. OK, I'm working on a series of sarcastic motivational posters that I intend to post soon. This picture warrants a caption that I am using on one my posters so I will share it with you. Here it is:

    "What if God DOESN'T have a wonderful plan for your life?"

  3. For what it's was my original caption: "The Danger of Open Water - Open Theism" you can see why I made this into a contest.

  4. Mandible, the shark, always remembered the words of the shark prophet, "the legs and body will be sweet in your mouth, but the swimmer's cap will turn sour in your stomach."

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Let me try to get it right this time.
    Faster Ariminian! Swim faster!
    Romans 9 is right behind you!

  7. Doug,
    Congratulations. I'm glad you won and not me.
    I don't have room in my house for the Triangulum Galaxy.

  8. So do I have to live in the Triangulum? Is there anywhere there that I can get Chinese take out?

  9. Benny Hinn just phoned me. He wanted you to know that he has talked with your guardian angel, Winstar, and he told him to tell you that there is a great Chinese buffet, seven miles long, on the planet, Korton.


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