Thursday, November 13, 2008

High Five Low Five

I created this scroll to use as a wallpaper. It really looks good in the dining area and guest room. You may have seen the Five Points of Arminianism (a Theology with Weeds) on the internet. I don't know who the author is but it is genius, I tells ya....genius.

Will of man is free

Election is conditional

Everyone is redeemed

Denial confounds Grace

Some will lose salvation

Are you a TULIP basking in God's Sovereign Grace or

are you among WEEDS boasting of self-righteousness?

I tried my hand at coming up with another acronym for the Doctrines of Grace...and, that ain't too are my two...can you think up any more?

Gospel FACTS (Gospel= Good News not Good Advice)

Fallen humanity

Adoption decided

Christ's Bride

Transition certain

Saints secure

and... LAMBS

Lacks ability

Almighty elected

Mission accomplished

Birthed spiritually

Salvation secure


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  2. opps sorry for the delete. (learning how to do this whole blogging thing lol)

    Glory to God for your blog.

    just wondering if i maybe able to use your pic. as a pic? (will add your blog link to it.)

    thanks 'me'


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