Thursday, November 20, 2008


No...this is not one of Billy Graham's is a word or statement made by scrambling up the original letters. (Example: Charles Haddon Spurgeon = Ron had her old space guns...or better: Clint Eastwood = Old west action).

Here are four more for your mental files:

Arminian = "I Rain Man" (you gotta admit, Dustin Hoffman did a great job in the role)

Arminianism = "I'm Raisin Man" (someone admitting they're a dried prune)

Open Theist = "Theist, NOPE!" or "Pettish one" (ill-tempered; peevish; petulant) or "Spit on Thee" (their theology is an insult and is degrading to God's sovereign perfection!)

Open Theism = "met phonies" (I have met two and they love to consume large quantities of phoney baloney) or "pest in home!" (if they have 5 points it would spell R.O.A.C.H. ...can anyone out there help fill in this acronym with their twisted beliefs?)... I thank thee.


  1. R: Relative Future.
    O: Omnipresent only in Space.
    A: Always Learning.
    C: Can only React.
    H: Has Altered His Plan.

    Best I can think of.

  2. That's a WINNER! ...another pie in the face for stinkin' thinkin', man-centered doctrine!

  3. Roasted

    Off the top of my head. But that might be a little too theologically pointed?

    (The anagram I mean.)


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