Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Rob Bell Show

The Rob Bell Show produced by Oprah Winfrey has a catchy theme song
stolen from the Dean Martin classic, Memories are Made of This.
Click HERE to listen.

Sweet, sweet the heresy you gave-a me
You can't beat the heresies you gave-a me

Take one verse out of context
Add some questions to perplex
One verse, one spin
Some doubt, some sin
Heresies are made of this

Don't forget to ignore the Word
Keep the Scriptural meaning blurred
My name's Rob Bell
Don't worry - no Hell
Heresies are made of this

Then add a ton of lies
Presuppositions will make you wise
Thick eisegesis for the flavor

Stir carefully through the days
See how the flavor stays
Think of these as Heavenly party favors

With my brand new TV show
Everything seems apropos
You dream, we scheme
Mixed together like religious ice cream
Heresies are made of this
Heresies are made of this


  1. "Add some questions to perplex" -- So true! I once tried to read Love Wins while standing around in Costco, and I couldn't stand it -- seemed like there were more question marks than periods. A very passive-aggressive show of open-mindedness, when he clearly has his mind very firmly made up. Every question mocks traditional, orthodox doctrine.

    I've heard interviews with him as well, he's the same way when he talks.

  2. And the outro song - "Heresies (Are Made of This)."


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