Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just for Laughs #338

Don't exodus this blog without providing a caption


  1. Moses: "I think someday they'll make a movie about us."

    Ramses: "What's a movie?"

    Moses: "It's like a play where they'll act out what we did here."

    Ramses: "Who do you think will play you?"

    Moses: "I think someone who has the name like that of the Messiah, but has no faith in him."

    Ramses: "So his name will be Ramses? I like it, but he better be devoted to me!"

    Moses, to himself: "Somehow I have the feeling..."

  2. "Looks like the tide is turning. I think we'd better Bale."

  3. Dang it, Ramses, I *told* you leviathan couldn't be trained to pull a chariot!

  4. Are you ready to go get Moses and our Hebrew slaves? I think they are all at the beach by now!

  5. After learning that they weren't heading to the Red Sea for a beach party, Ramses and Hamses decided to stay behind.


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