Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Nearly every Christian has struggled with their own significance. Sometimes we look at the "giants" of the faith such as the Apostle Paul and wonder if we--ordinary Christians--matter much at all. In this short book, perfect for group or individual study, Pastor Matthew Everhard sketches the lives of eight very ordinary men and women in the New Testament. Each of these "ordinary" Christians, tucked away in the lesser-known paragraphs of the Book of Acts and Paul's epistles, show us that common everyday men and women can make a huge impact for the Kingdom of Christ. Each chapter--complete with discussion and reflection questions--studies the life of a relatively obscure believer: Ananias (the mentor), Silas (the sidekick), Priscilla and Aquila (the married couple), Apollos (the up-and-coming pastor), Lydia (the business woman), Onesimus (the runaway slave), and Epaphroditus (the sick missionary). Discover just how powerful being an anonymous Christian can be!

Matthew Everhard is the Senior Pastor of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brooksville, Florida. He is the author of seven books including his 2012 work, Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647.

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