Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Sola Bootstrapa

Because of the tragic accident involving the termination of Sola Bootstrapa, I have decided to post Monsters of the Deep cards instead. Click on each to better read its scientific contents. Thank you.
By the way, the last entry, the Whale Shark, could very well be the kind of fish (even called a "whale" but isn't) that swallowed Jonah. National Geographic had an issue on this giant and stated it could easily swallow two men. The article even mentioned Jonah.


  1. No more Sola Bootstrapa? Where will I get my devotionals?

  2. You mean Monsters of the Deep wasn't good enough? Well, my CC Special agents, Daknowso and Magoo, have just informed me of it's return...with three major changes!

  3. Benny, Nigel and Elvis will rise again? There's no one who can write a devotional like Benny!


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