Saturday, September 27, 2014

FREE Book that's Loser Friendly!

"A sympathetic exploration that to me felt like an expansion of the excerpt about Solomon from Matt Chandler's "Explicit Gospel". (perhaps in the reverse). The book acknowledges what our church culture in the west seems to avoid - walking as a disciple doesn't equate to "your best life now" and no spiritual gymnastics will ensure you or your family a "lake woebegone" life experience. What impressed me most was that Daniel wrote with honesty and diplomacy. While I found myself wincing as I read about his circumstances that led to the book, my heart response was prayer, repentance and a nudge towards submission. Significance - as pointed out by the author - comes from being part of the Kingdom and in God's story. This isn't an in depth theological study and it isn't triumphalist (except that God can do anything to advance His kingdom with any vessel He wants and He seems to choose a lot of broken ones)."   by Lynn Comp

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  1. I've enjoyed reading this book, but the chapter on Judas would be better if it had never been written.


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