Monday, September 1, 2014

About Those Praise Songs...

If you take a step back and begin to look at the lyrics to your Sunday anthems, some of them are really awful. Some seem to be a thoughtless smattering of phrases with no single direction; some contain seriously flawed doctrine; some are plain annoying.
Doctrine. If it conflicts with the Bible, why is it a worship song?
Oversimplicity. We’re humans, but we’re not all four years old.
Redundancy. I guess some writers believe it requires 16 reps for it to really sink in.
Lyrics. If it sounds like nonsense, it actually is nonsense.
Structure. Writing a song is like building a house. It needs something to hold it up, besides a big ugly pole in the middle that everyone notices.
Who? Is this song about God? Myself? The church? My wife?
Annoying. The “Call Me Maybe” syndrome is applicable to church material as well. Sometimes, you just don’t want to hear it again. Ever.
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{Note from Corky Velveeta: An easy way to remember these points is to use the acronym "OLD WARS" since this seems to be an on going battle for songs with substance. Eddie has lost some of his hair from pulling it out during songs that repeat a phrase sixteen times or more.}


  1. Sometimes I suspect the special music the soloists and choir sings each Sunday is from the Lifetime Channel and not Lifeway.


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