Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just for Laughs #327

This definitely needs a caption! She's playing with a Ouija board! Yikes!


  1. Sally: Did you buy that Ouija board?
    Beth: No, it was given to me.
    Sally: Given to you? By whom?
    Beth: My new roommate, Dee...Dee Monn
    Sally: Hello!

  2. Sue: How much did you pay for that Ouija board?
    Fay: Six dollars and sixty six cents. I got it at a garage sale, why?
    Sue: Don't you think that is a little strange? I mean, Six sixty six?
    Fay: No, everything there was that same price.

  3. Not long after his death, Sally tries to get a word from Elvis Wesley:

    "But he has such a strong will..."

  4. Diane tried to talk Sally out of playing with an Ouija board, but she couldn't make herself heard over the dial tone coming from the board.

  5. Mary: Why won't this thing tell me who's going to be saved and who isn't?
    Alice: Because the secret things belong to the Lord, silly!


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