Friday, September 26, 2014

Just for Laughs #328

What in tarnation is he talking about?
Provide an answer in the comments below.


  1. Regeneration in the strictest sense of the word, that is, as the begetting again, takes place in the sub-conscious life of man, and is quite independent of any attitude which he may assume with reference to it. Calling, on the other hand, addresses itself to the consciousness, and implies a certain disposition of the conscious life. This follows from the fact that regeneration works from within, while calling comes from without. In the case of children we speak of regeneration rather than calling. Furthermore, regeneration is a creative, a hyper-physical operation of the Holy Spirit, by which man is brought from one condition into another, from a condition of spiritual death into a condition of spiritual life. Effectual calling, on the other hand, is teleological, draws out the new life and points it in a God-ward direction. It secures the exercises of the new disposition and brings the new life into action.

  2. Regardless of what Pastor Peachfuzz was talking about, Clem was ready to give the new minister a .50 caliber education should the need arise.

  3. Creative (?) evangelism:

    "I had this vision that a family of men who hunted ducks, and called themselves commanders of ducks, would grow their beards long and become infamous for great faith in Jesus. I can only imagine that the vision was about you all. So when are you all going to come to faith?"

  4. B.L. - Das deep doctrine!

    D.E. - Love the name Pastor Peachfuzz.

    J.P. - Clever as ever.


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