Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Masked Arminian Pastor #23


  1. I have a way to know if you have an angel. The Masked Arminian doesn't have this piece of advice that comes from my daughter. A couple of years ago I sat down at the dining room table and my daughter points to a figure in the center and said, "Dad, look at the angel I got."

    "How do you know it's an angel," I asked?

    "It has wings," she replied.

    Then I asked, "How do you know angels have wings?"

    Nonplussed, she thought for a second and said, "Well, it has a halo."

    So I asked, "How do you know angels have halos?"

    So she said, "It's wearing white."

    Once again I asked, "How do you know angels wear white?"

    Scrunching up her face, she said, "It's a girl."

    Still going with it I asked, "How do you know angels are girls?"

    Finally, a bit perturbed she said, "Well, it said so on the box!"

    So, if you want to know if you are being visited by an angel, just read what it says on the box.

  2. I would say, "How cute" (I have a one-year-old grand-daughter), but every time someone in Scripture sees an angel, the angel says "Don't be afraid", "Fear not", or something like that,and the recipient of the vision seems scared to death.

    Hence, I do not believe that angels look like Miss Minnesota in a flannel nightgown (I know what I'm talking about--my mother [Gud hville henne] was born in 'Norse' Dakota!)

  3. You could also ask a suspect angel to dance on the head of a pin.


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