Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Velveeta Enigma

Creativity, brevity and impact were the key elements in choosing the winner.

Brad Raybury now has an asteroid in the Pinwheel Galaxy named after him!

Everyone else now has half an asteroid named after them from the Howdy Doody Galaxy!

Thanks for playing! To read the other exciting stories click here!


  1. Wait! Was this the robotic Corky or the REAL Corky traveling through time to rescue Eddie?

  2. Can a robot smile? Well, can it?

    Okay, maybe it can.

  3. Anonymous the thirdMay 30, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    Isn't America a place where an anonymous person can write a story using an alias for a pseudonym so that his pen name will not be besmirched?

  4. I realize that I'm too late to win this contest, but it's so good I can't stop myself from posting. Many, if not all, will agree with me that MY story is by FAR better than anything anyone else could come up with. Please remember that I am a professional writer. I have sold a story to Humpty Dumpty magazine two months ago.

    Here is my story. I call it, "Oh Cheesy Moon - You So Crazy".

    I dream. I dream about many things. Moons and space. Grenades and space suits. Cheese and Chili. Ice cream and cake. It was only fitting that Velveeta would be on the moon. Folklore had us believe that the moon was make up of cheese. I was sent there to prove James Folklore wrong once and for all.
    Stepping out of my space craft I saw what appeared to be Corky V. in the distance. It wasn't him at all. It was a cardboard cutout. I went to investigate but, an asteroid by the name of Brad Raybury crushed me like a fat tick under a Clydesdales hoof.


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