Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Evandalism Reported

Bob and Rob Goober have been spotted again writing "Romans 9" with spray paint. This time it's the Okee Doakee Opera House in Omama, Ohio. This is just wrong. Corky would never use "evandalism" to spread the Gospel. If you can possibly find out what church the Goober twins attend, let me know. These guys need to spend some time in the slammer.


  1. What? They're ruining Corky's good name.

  2. So are these Corky's cousins, arch nemesis', or are they the weird, mean kids that live down the street eating nothing but mayonnaise on saltines?

    1. I have just found out that these two are employed by Benny Finney. They are on the staff at Arminian Antics and are in no way related to Corky Velveeta.

  3. *Sighs and shakes head* Seems like what the DAMAGENT church is doing to God's Word and reputation.

    Jesus Wins


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