Friday, February 24, 2012

Sing Along

I'm recommending the song only - not the source at the end of the video.


  1. My church(Church of England!)sings this regularly at the services which tend to be attended by older people. I like it, and find it sad that its never included in the family service.

  2. @ Helen

    Didn't know you were C. of E. Cool.

    There is a lot to be appreciated in that tradition. I am URCNA, but am in a small Fb group called Anglican Prayerbook Churchmanship. (Charlie J. Ray, who comments here at CC, is in the group.) Solidly Calvinistic. I've learned a lot from reading the posts as well as conversations among the members. Once in a while, I will pop in with a query related to the BCP, but mostly I just read and pay attention. (And enjoy the singing :-)


    (C.of E.; URCNA; Fb; CC; BCP)

  3. @ Stranger
    Interesting to read your comments. Sad to say I feel like a lone Calvinist in the C of E (in England!) The vicar is Calvinist (most aren't!)but gets teased by me for keeping it quiet in an attempt to be all things to all men! We have a strongly Calvinist non-ordained, non-Anglican associate minister. Unfortunately, most of the rest don't seem to know what they believe, so my love of doctrine has to be fed by books, the internet and good bloggers like yourself. My grenades have got me into trouble in housegroups in the recent past, when I was a bit of a cage-stager (till Persis opened my eyes on her blog- still do it though!)


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