Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just for Laughs #201

Provide a caption


  1. Was this bloke the inventor of TV? He's sitting there staring at the radio dial (you remember those don't you?). Maybe he's thinking "wouldn't it be nice if I could see the cricket as it happened, not just hear about it?"

  2. Wilbur, along with his wife, were the only two people in Eau Claire, Wisconsin not fooled by "The War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

    However, Wilbur was starting to get upset that every time the silly news broadcast came on, it interrupted him from getting the full address on where to send his $10 donation so he could be a member with a voting share in the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

  3. Man: It's OK, Margaret, I would much rather listen to MacArthur on the radio than watch Lady Gaga on TV anytime!

  4. Unfortunately for his congregation (and his young son Benny) Ps Finney Sr spent Saturday evening listening to the radio when he should have been reading his Bible.

    His sermon the next morning would contain no theological content: again.

  5. Donald Grey Barnhouse uses such an expansive vocabulary that Norman has to listen to his Bible Study program with a dictionary in front of him.

  6. "How firm a foundation ye saints of the Lord is laid for your faith in His excellent Word What more can be said than to you He hath said...." As sung by a chior!

    Anyone know THAT one? see ttb.org!

  7. @Fake Coke Can–I used "radio" as an illustration in my Children's Message this past Sunday and was met with blank stares. When I told them I grew up before there were videos and DVDs, I was met with even more blank stares. The young children, ages 8 and below, simply had no category for "No DVDs"

    Now, on to the caption:

    "Harken back to those days of yesteryear, when Calvinists were Calvinists and Arminians were Arminians. Join us for today's episode of "All God's Children... Are Chosen! Brought to you by Maypo, the breakfast treat for all ages, and by Serutan, the supplement that keeps you regular. Serutan, that's "natures" spelled backwards."

  8. Kevin,

    Ha ha, I understand where you're coming from about kids not understanding pre-hypertechnology days. When I talk about the 'good old days' to my kids (13 & 7), they look at me like I'm a caveman...

    And to think that we in the 70s thought we were in the depths of technology what with our Pong games and minicassette recorder/players and 8 track tapes...

  9. @ Les

    Oh. So Norman is listening to J. Vernon McGee, not Barnhouse? Well, in that case, he will need a diferent dictionary. :-)

  10. "Say Millicent, this bible study is such hard work... do you think they will ever invent a radio gadgety thing where you can twiddle these googly knobs and it comes up with all your bible queries/answers from learned people all over the world? Some witty and amusing cartoons which take the micky out of Arminians would be nice too!"

  11. Sadly, I heard some kid ask last year who Michael Jordan was. Okay, caption:

    Woman: Honey, what are you listening to?
    Man: Nothing
    Woman: Are you listening to Mark Driscoll again after I told you not to?
    Man: Dear, this is one of his good sermons.
    Radio: bleep

  12. Young Harold Camping gets a bad idea.

  13. Just as I thought, prevenient is not IN the dictionary!


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