Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess Who #27

at age 16

1. I read and admired Charles Haddon Spurgeon. In fact, I once traveled to England to hear him preach.

2. I became a preacher myself, for a short time.

3. I was able to write simultaneously in Greek with one hand and Latin in the other.

4. I spoke 7 languages.

5. Johnny Cash wrote a song about me.

...while you are waiting for the correct answer
try a delicious krispy kreme donut!

Bonus hint: He did not play Captain Kirk in the last Star Trek movie


  1. I really haven't a clue, and I don't wanna Google, so I'll just sit here eating donuts, waiting for the right answer....

  2. James A. Garfield.

    I owe that one to Mr. William J. Bennett and his "America: The Last Best Hope."

  3. Does this mean I won the $7,000?

  4. John, ya got it!

    James Garfield, the only president of the U.S. who had been a preacher.

    "Mr. Garfield" is the Johnny Cash song and can be found on YouTube.

    ...unfortunately, no $7,000 was mentioned as a prize...maybe next time!

  5. Ah, I would have blown it all on donuts anyway...

  6. He was the 20th President of the United States. Too bad they didn't put him on the twenty dollar bill. It would have been easier to remember.


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