Thursday, November 3, 2011

Atheist Devotional Book #7

A few hundred yards offshore this morning, a whale broke the surface of the water. I saw its dark rolling back for only a single tantalizing moment. But the thrill of that brief sighting has had me thinking all day about life in the ocean.

Evidence of it lined the beach where I went walking: quahog shells, mussels, slippers, limpets, periwinkles; shore creatures feeding on the ocean's bounty; tern diving for fish; a gull feasting on the carapace of a  horseshoe crab; a flock of sanderlings chasing the retreating waves. 

Mother Nature sure knows how to evolve her children. She's my kind of gal, I tells ya.

I surprised my Christian neighbor the other day. She always tries to convince me that there is a God. I stopped her on the street and told her that I now worship someone greater than myself. She looked at me for a few seconds and asked, "Who do you worship?"

"Evil Lou", I told her, holding back my laugh. "Evil Lou Shun!" Then I burst into laughter and pushed her into the bushes." See ya later, little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes!" Then I caught a bus for Memphis.

Truth be told, I do love evolution. Sometimes I think it is pure genius and other times I think it is an idiot. Why don't we have both gills AND lungs...or wings so we can fly, for crying out loud. It doesn't make sense sometimes...but neither did my late husband. 


  1. And to think, it all started from absolutely nothing and evolved into everything we see today - without help from any supposed deity.

    First, there was nothing but absolute vacuum. Then, there was a fluctuation in the vacuum and matter appeared. After that, it took billions of years for that matter to form itself and then, life came from some chemicals that were struck by lightning and became amino acid.

    Don't ask me to explain the details. I got this from some very reliable skeptic web sites.


  2. Shouldn't it be 'late husbands'? That woman ought to be squashed like a black widow spider!


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