Monday, January 3, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Some of you may have noticed a few changes in my blog.
Changes that I hope will work for good and not evil.
My "gang of punsters" is now located at the bottom of the blog,
I have added a "search" engine kind of a do-dad.
I also lost two new members as of today.
I didn't know exactly why this happened until I took a nap and I had a "vision" of a 900-foot-Oral Roberts who told me that Arminians jump on sometimes, not knowing what a Calvinist is, then jump off as soon as they find out! The "vision" turned out to be the after-effects of a half-eaten tuna sandwich that had been left out overnight.


  1. Good thing you ate the tuna sandwich when you did, after twenty four hour you would have seen Finney himself!

  2. I would love to join, but I do not have google follow, so I cannot. However, I have subscribed via RSS feed and I visit all the time. So you can count me as the incognito follower. ;)

  3. Here's a change for ya! Why don't you change from a Calvinist to an Arminian, ya bag of pork rinds!

  4. I actually LOL for real when read that line about your "vision"! Thanks E, I needed that.

    Love in the Truth.


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