Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robertson Predicts Future of 2011

Matt Robertson, twin brother of Pat Robertson, 
went on the 700 Club to broadcast these predictions for 2011:
In the year 2011, Haiti will change it's name to Lovi.
Everyone in America will lose their job except for me.
Someone important will die.
Toothaches will be rampant in Georgia.
The Beatles will do one last concert. But only singing ABBA tunes.
I can see trouble ahead for dying atheists in Bosnia.


  1. haha!!! Lovi?!? haha!

  2. Tornadoes will strike the MidWest from Oklahoma to Iowa!

    It will snow in Anchorage!

    Seattle will have many days of rain!

    An earthquake will shake up the Mid-Atlantic Ridge!

    A Volcano will erupt in Iceland!

  3. It will snow in Canada


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