Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calvinistic Cartoons Poetry Corner


  1. Okay, you asked for it...

    Anonymous I is
    Anonymous am I
    Anonymous I was born
    And Anonymous I will die

  2. Sniggery Diggery Clog
    Eddie created a blog
    The blog was wrong
    All the day long
    Heppity Deputy Dawg

  3. Why thank you for this opportunity, Eddie. Please do take a look at Silly Poetry, where I post silly rhymes I write and illustrate my own very self. My mom buys every single one.

  4. Silly Poetry has Flower power.
    Better than a meteor shower
    In a five o'clock rush hour.
    Where you can only go five miles per hour!
    You've got 24 hours.
    I've got Jack Bauer in a water tower.
    I won't let him go
    Until everyone knows
    That Calvinistic Cartoons doesn't rhyme with much of anything.


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