Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October has Arrived

This calendar is brought to you by...


  1. Hey! That guy in the upper left of the spoof Communion ad is ME! Like, really... it's me. And I really do work at Kingdom. And guess what, I'm a Calvinist too! Really. Check out the church where I am pastor and compare the pics: So, anyway, if you'd like to link that spoof ad to the actual Kingdom site where people can actually purchase pre-filled communion cups with wafers that come in really handy for very large non-Catholic churches, send them here:

  2. Well, how about THOSE Providential apples?!! Glad to meet you! ...and thanks for not getting mad at the small spoof.

  3. I work with that guy holding the communion tray! I almost didn't recognize him without his surgical mask (germs and such). Many might ask if he carries that tray around with him wherever he goes. I would answer no, but he does carry the love of Christ around with him wherever he goes. (insert aw shucks smiley here).


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