Thursday, October 23, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #65

Use da woids ta writes da story


  1. Pastor Bookworm got what he always wanted for Christmas...a giant squid snowglobe. It took a crane to lower it into the church office. Now, he had that ice breaker for awkward counseling sessions. He died a happy man two hours later.

  2. It was a sad day when Hetty Doolittle, age 95, hung up the burp cloth after serving in the church nursery for 80 years. She had watched generations go from diapers to driver's licenses to Depends. As an avid bookworm, Hetty was known to keep the toddlers attention by reading Bible stories and excerpts from Louis L'Amour. The church threw a luncheon in her honor with a speech from the pastor. As a parting gift, her charges through the years chipped in for a special present. It was a 3 foot high snowglobe. In the center was a a figure of Hetty seated in a rocking chair with a book, surrounded by what looked like giant squids eagerly listening to her story and with a smaller pink squid perched on her lap, eyes goggling at the pages. When I asker her the meaning of this, she smiled and said,

    "They will have their little joke. After all, squids will be squids."


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